WordPress is apparently the largest content management system (CMS) that helps any organization or business come up with new pieces of content anytime. Since its initial release around 14 years back, the free and open-source platform has experienced rapid growth and achieved immense popularity. Now, with as many as 74 million users across the world, the online publishing platform has earned the title of the ‘best content management system’ launched till date.

But what makes WordPress the most preferred CMS by businesses for creating websites? Why should you choose it over all other options available in the market? Is it really worth the hype? Let’s uncover the truth. Check out 10 reasons why WordPress is truly the best choice for any website:

Create Your Content Seamlessly

Create Content in WordPress CMS

The most important feature of an effective CMS should be easy content creation. It must be flexible enough to produce and publish any type of content in a seamless manner while ensuring an awesome user experience. WordPress provides an interface similar to a word processor and enhances it even more with some additional features in order to make content creation an effortless job.

The publishing platform features a rich text editor that not only facilitates the publishing of content of any length but also simplifies the insertion of multimedia content, such as images, audios, videos, etc. You can also edit any media files included in your WordPress blog easily.

Enjoy The User-Friendly Interface

User Friendly WordPress CMS

Source – designorbital.com

A user-friendly CMS is not for seasoned developers. Rather, it is for an amateur who need to plan their own websites and get it running with just a few clicks of the mouse. WordPress is considered as the most user-friendly CMS, which offers enormous control over the appearance and functionality of a website with no programming skill needed.

The simple usability and easy accessibility of WordPress enable users to install it in minutes and start creating content immediately. The customization options provided by the platform are also pretty straightforward.

StayAhead InThe SEO Game

Best SEO Strategy for SEO

These days, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for every online business. A well-optimized web page not only ranks high in search engine results pages (SERPs) but also brings in lots of traffic. WordPress can facilitate the entire effort to a large extent, thereby enhancing the digital presence of the business as well as boosting its performance.

Being 99% SEO-friendly (Ref: Google), WordPress can take perfect care of all your SEO responsibilities as a content management platform. It makes sure that your web page fulfills almost all those predefined parameters, which are indispensable for ranking high in search results. Here are how using WordPress can put you ahead in the SEO game:

  • HTML Markup: Even though WordPress is primarily a PHP-based platform, it also comes with proper HTML Markup. Hence, you can use the platform for creating HTML pages that will be simple to display on search engines and easy to understand by users.
  • Permalinks: WordPress is capable of generating ideal permalinks or ‘URLs’ that are optimized for search engines. These ‘friendly hyperlinks’ are usually less prone to link rot as they contain specific keywords or phrases in order to improve search engine visibility.
  • Title Tags And Headines: With WordPress, setting up the title tags and headlines of your web pages for on-page SEO is a breeze. There is no need of writing HTML tags manually for each headline or title as the CMS itself generates those tags for posts and creates categories to get the pages classified by search engines.
  • Image Optimization: Optimizing images is essential for a good SEO practice and WordPress Editor makes the task much easier for you. Instead of just adding images and other visuals, optimize them further with titles, Alt tags, descriptions, etc.
  • XML Sitemap: WordPress enables you to create your XML sitemap and submit that to various search engines effortlessly. As a result, your website gets crawled in a more efficient manner.
  • Site Navigation: No other platform can give you as robust navigation choice as WordPress. With tons of features like menu, tags, categories, widgets, etc., browsing becomes absolutely a hassle-free a task for users.
  • Loading Speed: The amount of time your webpage takes to load has huge impact on your SEO efforts and WordPress is a clear winner in this aspect. The CMS comes already optimized for amazing speed, which can be tuned even more perfectly by following the best practices.

Get Your Hands On Many Themes


Source – athemes.com

The best part of having a high-quality theme is that it gives the website a completely professional look. Moreover, an appealing theme plays a key role in fetching traffic as well as keeping them glued to the website. WordPress takes care of both of these requirements.

The CMS offers tons of themes for literally every objective or industry in order to ensure that you get an attention-grabbing theme for your website based on your specific goal. Being SEO-optimized, these themes will also facilitate your technical SEO with the help of HTML markup.

Leverage Powerful SEO Plug-Ins

Wordpress SEO Plugins

When it comes to increasing the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of a website, plug-ins work like magic. Apart from its standard features and inbuilt functionalities, WordPress comes loaded with valuable plug-ins that boost its SEO capabilities largely.

The platform repository contains more than 41k plug-ins including premium and free choices. However, all of them are used to manage different aspects of the website, such as search engine visibility, image and content performance, robots.txt, XML sitemap, integration with external tools or applications, and much more.

Build Any Website Effortlessly

Each website has a definite purpose and not every CMS is capable of bringing it out through its themes and interfaces. Though WordPress started its journey as a mere blog publishing platform, it has achieved great versatility over time and can precisely be used to create any type of website now.

The CMS offers complete flexibility to build websites for a wide array of objectives including business, e-commerce, portfolio, membership, personal blog, knowledge base, QnA forum, directory, appointment or service booking, classified Ads listing, photography, video site, and so on.

Go Mobile Without Any Hassle

Wordpress Mobile Responsive Website

In today’s mobile world, each and every website needs to be mobile-responsive in order to ensure a smooth user experience on that device as well as secure high rankings in search results. If your website is not mobile-optimized, Google will not even display it for mobile search requests. However, WordPress has made the task worry-free for you by going fully mobile.

Mobile optimization has become a standard for any theme to be accepted by WordPress directory and hence, every website on this platform is mobile-friendly now. There are even certain plug-ins that help in increasing the mobility of a website on WordPress.

Get Excellent Social Media Support

wordpress social media support

Organic traffic is certainly the biggest thing for any website, but you simply cannot deny the power of social media in reaching out to more people. In fact, if used the right way, various social networks can let you capitalize on their millions of users for taking your website to an all new height. Here comes the importance of WordPress.

The CMS comes with easy social media integration feature that makes social sharing an uncomplicated affair. Bonus? The more your website gets visitors from social platforms, the better it ranks in search results.

Get Plenty Of Customization Choices

Versatility is the key to success of any website. Therefore, it is always good to choose a content management system that offers numerous customization options. Being a scalable publishing platform, WordPress allows you to customize almost each and every element of it to your heart’s content.

The WordPress dashboard has a ‘control panel’ with a user-friendly interface, where you can change the settings of your website theme and come up with some highly customized implementations. No matter whether you are a coding expert or have zero knowledge of it, you will find it super easy.

Take Advantage Of Great Security

wordpress website security service

Source – codecanyon.net

When a website gets hacked or is found to be ‘guilty’ of spamming or infecting other websites, it lands itself on the spam lists of Google and gets penalized. Needless to say, the website security issues can turn out to be a nightmare to you at times. But WordPress, with its high-security standards, makes sure that you do not need to worry about the safety and security of your website.

The platform keeps itself absolutely safe by monitoring vulnerabilities and updating security policies continuously. Besides regular updates, there are also many security plug-ins that can add to the security of your website to a huge extent.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, WordPress has come a long way and turned into a mature content management system over the time. It is the ultimate CMS to adopt for both developing a polished website and securing a high rank in Google searches. In addition, it comes with tons of useful features, which offer a plethora of benefits to its users. Hence, if you are looking for a highly flexible CMS to create your website, WordPress is certainly the best bet for you.