There is no doubt regarding the fact that search engine happens to be the major and most reliable source of traffic for most of the websites. Among all the content management system, WordPress is the most SEO friendly. Equipped with multiple plugins, this CMS helps webmasters optimize websites and achieve better ranks in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Although there are multiple plugins that can be used free of cost, not all of them are equally effective. Hence, it’s important to choose the right SEO plugins.

Especially for the beginners, it might turn out to be very confusing to identify the right plugins. In this article, let’s take a look at the most effective WordPress SEO plugins so that you can choose the right one. But before choosing the premium plugins, you should know certain basic aspects of SEO.

When categorized broadly, there are two aspects of SEO – on-page and off-page. If you are not aware of these two aspects clearly, consider going through a beginners’ SEO guide. Here is a list of 20 most helpful SEO plugins for WordPress. In case you are already using some of these, you can skip those and try out the best ones. This study will help you know the function of each plugin and how it would be beneficial for your website.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is one of the trendiest plugins which thousands of webmasters use for the pages of WordPress websites as well as optimizing the on-page SEO. This plugin is extremely popular amongst users as it enables them to set the sitemap, page title, Meta description, and URL of their choice.

    • You can generate sitemap and connect the website to console of Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster for verification.
    • With a record of greater than 500 thousand downloads of this free plugin, this happens to be the best plugin.
    • This plugin sets the rank of a website based on its focus keywords and provides users with end to end SEO page analysis.
    • According to the colour of the SEO indicators, users can identify whether a page is properly optimized or it is not.
    • Users can download the free version from the WordPress repository. However, if someone needs to use the premium version, that can be accessed from the official website of Yoast.
    • Using the upgraded version of this plugin, users can add a few more keywords and optimize the pages and posts for several keywords.
    • Since this plugin is equipped with social media integration, users can optimize the content to be shared on social media.
    • Being compatible with the WordPress multisite, this happens to be the best plugin for the same.

      WordPress SEO by Yoast

2. All in One SEO Pack

This comes second in the list of WordPress SEO plugins and is known to be very helpful for optimizing pages and posts. The plugin has a record of greater than 3 thousand downloads.

  • Users can generate XML sitemap using the plugin and then, submit the same to Bing and Google for improving the ranking in search results.
  • This plugin supports Accelerated Mobile Pages of Google and therefore is considered useful for optimizing mobile search.
  • Google Analytics is supported by the plugin and it helps track the flow of traffic.
  • Using this plugin, users can optimize the types of custom posts.
  • The plugin supports canonical URLs.
  • This free plugin is capable of handling SEO integration of the eCommerce websites and supports WooCommerce.
  • Using this plugin, users can change the automatically given title and Metadata descriptions. Users can customize these according to their preference.

    all in one seo pack

3. SEO Ultimate

This is a complete SEO plugin which is available in WordPress repository at free of cost. Just as the name suggests, this plugin ensures complete optimization for on a page. It comes loaded with features. With a lot of active installs, this is one of the most popular plugins.

In order to access the dedicated email support, users have to use the premium version, which is loaded with training tutorials and exclusive features.

  • A feature like title tag rewriting helps edit the title posts. These are also optimized to improve the on-page SEO.
  • Meta description editing is a feature that enables users to customize the description of pages, posts, attachments, categories, homepage and the tags. Thus, you can optimize the description according to the possible keywords and achieve a higher rank in the SERP.
  • This plugin is equipped with Deep link Juggernaut which is an internal linking feature that is anchor text driven. This allows users to create certain deep links within the posts that are related.
  • A feature like open graph enables users to generate a graph data automatically for homepages, user profiles, attachments, and posts.
  • Using snippet creator, users can generate high-quality snippet code for creating reviews.

    SEO Ultimate

4. The SEO Framework

This SEO plugin offers automatic solutions and is ideal both for beginners and experts. This SEO plugin uses all the features that are available in the WordPress interface. The plugin includes hidden and small HTML comments which users can deactivate using an extension or a filter. Users can also fix up distinct standards for the posts, pages, public CPT, and terms.

  • Users can generate graph images which can be automatically enhanced and resized to meet the requirement of the users.
  • The plugin offers a simple method to share pages interestingly through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Users can notify Bing, Google, and Yandex regarding the updates in the website by enabling the sitemaps.

    The SEO Framework


This free SEO plugin has been designed for the beginners. Using this plugin, users can craft high-value content which is user-friendly and SEO friendly.

  • This plugin enables users to concentrate on the SEO strategy for e-commerce with just a number of clicks.
  • Helps create the XML sitemap of a website for Bing and Google.
  • The plugin sends email alerts whenever there is an issue that demands attention on the site.


6. All in One Rich Snippets

This free plugin offers a short and crisp summary of the WordPress website. This summary highlights the author photo, star rating, image and other important details.

  • The plugin named Rich Snippet helps improve the CTR (Click through Rate).
  • Helps Facebook show the accurate information whenever someone shares the link of the posts.
  • This supports a varied range of schemas like articles, reviews, products, people, recipe, and events.

    All in One Rich Snippets

7. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

This free plugin helps compress and enhance pictures with the help of WordPress image smusher. It’s a tried and tested plugin for quality and speed. This plugin allows resizing the picture by fixing the maximum height and width.

  • The plugin automatically smushes the attached pictures for ensuring fast compression.
  • It also offers global and individual settings that are perfect for several sites.
  • This plugin allows users to check the compression statistics of individual attachments and totals of the library.

    Smush Image Compression and Optimization

8. Broken Link Checker

This plugin looks for broken links and if there is any, it notifies the user. After installing, the plugin analyses the bookmarks, posts and other content to check for broken links. It then checks the links individually to be sure if it’s functioning properly.

  • This prevents the search engines from tracking the broken links.
  • This plugin allows users to filter and search links using URL or anchor text.
  • Users can edit the broken links from the page of the plugin, without updating the post separately.

    Broken Link Checker

9. Rankie – WordPress Rank Tracker

This is a premium plugin which helps check the ranking of a website. It also helps follow the position of the keyword closely.

  • The plugin provides users with annually, regularly or monthly rank reports.
  • Users can also download the PDF formats of reports if needed.

    Rankie – WordPress Rank Tracker

10. WordPress Ping Optimizer

WordPress is equipped with an internal pinging mechanism. It notifies users as soon as someone publishes a post.

  • This plugin helps prevent a blog from being categorized as a ping spammer.
  • This plugin also helps prevent unwanted pings that are often sent when users click on buttons like “Save” or “Save and Edit”.

    WordPress Ping Optimizer

11. W3 Total Cache

This free plugin helps improve the SEO and user experience of a website. Using features like CDN (Content Delivery Network), the plugin enables users to reduce the download time. Websites which are equipped with SSL certificates and have responsive design can improve the search engine ranking by using this plugin.

  • The plugin is compatible with clusters, shared hosting and dedicated servers.
  • It offers support to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
  • It enables the caching of search results, feeds, and database objects etc.

    W3 Total Cache

12. Redirection

This free plugin helps track the 404 errors, handle the 301 redirections and organize the unattached ends which are found on a website.

  • This plugin supports WP CLI.
  • It allows redirection of all the URLs.
  • This plugin offers support for full regular expression.


13. WooCommerce – All in one SEO Pack

This plugin has been designed to serve as a perfect extension of the plugin called All in One SEO Pack. It allows users to add, edit and organize the Meta information.

  • It shows the dialog of All in one SEO Pack on the edit/add products screen within WooCommerce.
  • It’s an easy to install and straightforward plugin and is considered essential for those users who have WooCommerce sites.

    WooCommerce – All in one SEO Pack

14. Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP

This free plugin incorporates the Yoast SEO in the AMP pages. This plugin offers the technical execution of the specifications of AMP in order to make sure that the website page has right AMP code.

  • It ensures proper application of Meta data.
  • It offers an easy modification of the AMP pages.
  • The plugin includes basic styling in terms of colours and link styles so that the AMP pages look similar to that of the main pages.

    Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP

15. SEO Optimized Images

Using this plugin, you can add SEO friendly alt attributes and title attributes to images. After installing and activating the plugin, users need to choose the pattern, and this plugin automatically switches the alt tags and title tags accordingly.

  • With this plugin, it’s quite easy to return the site to its original state.
  • The plugin allows adding post category, post title and image name in the attributes.
  • The plugin switches the alt tags and title tags automatically, without making any change to the database.

    SEO Optimized Images

16. EWWW Image Optimizer

Using image optimization, this plugin helps enhance the speed of a page.

  • It uses automatic background optimization and parallel optimization (optional) for preventing upload delays.
  • It offers adaptive navigation along with fast conversion selection to ensure the accurate image format.

    SEO Optimized Images

17. Simple 301 Redirects

This plugin offers a simple way to redirect requests to the other pages. Consequently, it becomes simple to shift a website to WordPress.

  • This plugin allows users to handle the 301 redirects and shifts those to the new ones. This makes the inbound links pass during the migration, along with the page rank.
  • It ensures easy redirection of pages on your website.

    Simple 301 Redirects

18. Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin helps enhance the SEO by creating distinguished XML sitemaps and this helps the search engines.

  • It delivers notifications to the major search engines whenever there is a new post.
  • It is suitable for distinct pages created by custom URLs and WordPress.
  • This free plugin comes with multiple translations.

    Google XML Sitemaps

19. Pretty Link Lite

This plugin provides users with supplementary tools and methods of redirection. This ensures users can create cloak links and pretty links automatically.

  • It allows users to track the total volume of clicks for an individual link.
  • It offers a reporting interface using which they can access a coordinated report of clicks per day.

    Pretty Link Lite

20. WP SEO HTML Sitemap

This plugin offers an HTML sitemap for users who are currently using plugins which don’t offer the features of HTML sitemap like WordPress SEO Yoast plugin.

  • It enables users to choose the total number of columns that they like to display.
  • The production of this plugin is absolutely polyglot friendly.
  • Users can make the CSS of the plugin inactive, as and when required.

    WP SEO HTML Sitemap