Consumers are increasingly holding brands to a higher standard, meaning that companies have to level up how they interact with their audience. To be able to do that, marketers and those in similar professions have to employ the aid of something that might help them manage interactions and keep a database of the same.

Customer relationship management, or CRM, speaks of the tools that a company uses to manage the relationship with both leads and customers. WordPress powers a significant chunk of the internet, and to better serve the businesses they use their platform, they have partnered with other software brands to provide their users plugins. In this article, we’ll look at our top 11 picks of the best CRM plugins for WordPress site. We will, however, share why you ought to install one into your WordPress site in the first place.

Best Crm Plugins

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Why you should get a CRM plugin

There is a vast selection of people and businesses that choose to run their website using the WordPress platforms. That means that the company cannot create one-size-fits-all software, but instead, offer the ability to add to the existing software. It is why there are various plugins that the brand offers, one of them being CRM.

Once added to your website, these tools open up your and your company to interacting with your customers (potential or loyal) in a whole new way. It takes a process that would otherwise be stressful and makes it seamless. Let’s look at reasons you ought to get a CRM plugin for your WordPress site if you haven’t already.


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They provide insight into how to manage customers

CRM tools come designed to help reap information from online contact forms. From there, one can create a funneling system of leads under different labels and eventually customers. More advanced plugins will monitor a person’s behavior, for example, what pages they explored. From there, staff can have a better understanding of what a person wants, making it easier to tailor communications. CRM tools also provide a history of all interactions, that way you’re able to track requests and complaints. That means getting back to a customer is faster, and nothing falls in the cracks.

They are excellent data collection tools

Apart from creating a comprehensive master contact list, with a CRM plugin, you’re able to analyze the data gathered. It also provides greater insight into your demographic, leading to one being able to make tweaks in their messaging to suit them better. The fact that it gathers and displays data in a meaningful way allows managers and staff alike to make evidence-based decisions as to what the best business approach is in customer relationship.

They bring a collaborative approach

With most of the CRM tools now in the market, teams can work on various parts of the greater mechanism, leading to ownership of roles. Managers are also able to grant people specific access to part of the systems while keeping others restricted. In some CRM plugins you’re ready to generate reports, but overall, a dashboard lets you see most tasks at a glance. Some also provide the options of visibly assigning tasks and scheduling meetings. With this regard, paperwork or emails between colleagues will be a thing of the past.

Top 11 CRM plugins for WordPress

Here’s a list of our picks as to what plugins would make handy business companions. Links are provided to give you easy access.


This first CRM plugin on our list looks to improve user management through their features. On the WordPress plugin site, it has over 4000+ active installations. It provides impressive editing features, ability to filter down to what you need and overall organization of content. If you get new information about a customer or company, making updates is stress-free. The plugin is free, but add-ons can attract an extra charge.

To further aid in information gathering, there are front-end contact forms available for dissemination when you install WP-CRM. Another feature that any marketer will enjoy is the visuals, as there are chart options for measurable data. It makes it easier to represent information to management. It is likely that there would be more than one person running the account and so the Group Notification add-on is a welcome attribute. For those using WP-CRM to manage their online store, they can find the WP-Invoice integration add-on too.

An aspect that makes this WordPress plugin one of the best is the ability to organize contacts in a manner that is specific to the user or the company. There’s the option of adding custom fields to suit industry purpose and equally generate data from it. The alternatives for contact input are either manual or through a lead generation form on your website or landing page. These forms are highly customizable, so you never have to feel boxed in about the information you can attain from contacts.

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2. UkuuPeople

Another CRM plugin that attracted attention from people shopping for CRM plugins in WordPress is UkuuPeople with 1000+ active installations. From the name, you gather that it’s all about the people that you engage with as you create a master list for your contacts. Users have the luxury of segmenting contacts into what they call “tribes” and facilitating interactions as per the initial point of contact, be it phone or email.

UkuuPeople also provides members within the organization or team access to the list. From there, the leader can set meetings, assign tasks, set deadlines and facilitate client relations all within the plugin’s dashboard. That facilitates ease in operations as it is clear what roles people need to undertake to get the ball rolling. The plugin itself is free, but you’ll have to part with a few dollars to get some of the add-ons. These include Google Apps and MailChimp.

Overall, UkuuPeople allows users to track activities with various contact segments, make progress on each, create a to-do-list for the team, set meetings and capture and share front-end data. It’s a mix of easy navigation and simplicity that makes using it a breeze for even those to CRM on WordPress.

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3. UpiCRM

This next WordPress CRM plugin offers an extensive list of possibilities that include, apart from creating a contact list, the ability to assign group contacts, leads team members should follow and the ability to sell emails via the plugin. What also makes UpiCRM exceptional is that it works in tandem with Google Analytics to help you log how users are interacting with your website. It allows marketers to single out the touchpoints for leads, whether the website, social media, campaigns and other sources, all for evaluation purposes to know what’s working and what isn’t.

The UpiCRM plugin is free, with over 4000+ active installations currently on WordPress. They also have more people rating the app and providing positive feedback. If that’s anything to go by then, it’s like that it’s a hit among sales and marketing representatives. Though it’s new, there’s a buzz around how it’s making contact management stress-free.

You can use various forms that match the plugin, including Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms and Contact Form 7. There is equally the option of importing contacts, something it’s able to do seamlessly to create a master contact list. Given UpiCRM allows you to work in teams, the lead process is evident for all, each assigned task and progress visible to the team. The dashboard makes all this possible, meaning all information is available at a glance.

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4. WP-CRM System

This WordPress CRM plugin allows you to manage customers, users, and tasks seamlessly. It is free with 500+ active users. It allows one to run projects, allowing assignments for team members for transparency and ownership. That means that there are fewer reports to draft as each team member’s progress is visible at a glance on the dashboard.

WP-CRM is available in English and Swedish. There are add-ons for purchase within this WordPress plugins. That includes client area, email and Slack notifications, custom fields, MailChimp, various forms and invoicing. It also has a filter that allows you to assign and access contact with specific details.

There is a lot of customization that a person had to do if they are to experience the full functionality of what the WP-CRM system has to offer. That means that, on your end, there are a lot of custom fields that you’re to add if you’re to experience the full functionality of the site. There is also a list of add-ons for your purchase if you’re to enjoy full functionality.

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5. Presspoint CRM

This paid plugin brings with it a tine of functionalities that any marketer would enjoy when it comes to streamlining CRM in their company. It is the ideal tool for managers with a large team as they can approve and restrict access to specific information all in the click of a button. It seamlessly integrates with WordPress despite it not being one of the CRM plugin solutions the site has available in-house for their clients.

With PressPoint, it’s not all about capturing lead information and creating a contact mater list. For them, it goes beyond that. They offer options for membership, email marketing, and e-commerce at your disposal. It allows for customized reporting and asking it whatever you will that pertains to the available information as possible. If you need to make edits, bulk actions are possible, along with sending emails to whole or subgroups.

What makes it ideal is that you can also manage teams and events and develop customized forms into your WordPress site. There is the added function of making things unique, where, if you wish to, you can create user profiles with set functions.

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6. ERP: HRM, CRM and Accounting Solution

A star CRM WordPress plugin on this list is WP ERP. It’s not just a CRM plugin, but the HR and Accounting departments benefit from having this addition to the website. It proves to be quite the favorite plugin on WordPress with over 8000+ active installation. What makes it deal is that it synchronizes core business processes into one.

Under the CRM function, one can generate and manage contact and groups of the same. Within it, you can place meeting reminders and schedules. Whole teams can work on various aspects of the platform, with managers overseeing assignment and reports. When it comes to accounting, this WordPress plugin proves to be just the companion. Billing and other functions are available in 44 currencies, making it particularly friendly for sites pushing a universal brand.

What makes it impressive is the access to all the described (and more) functions all for free. With a customizable dashboard, managers can tailor the sites to suit their operations. Permissions are also an integral part of ERP, along with in-house email communications and notifications. All the stated is available for CRM, HR and Accounting functions, all essential aspects of the lead funneling process. In organizations where these departments could not be further away from each other, it’s helpful to have such as streamlining software in place for faster business processes.

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7. Zero BS

Also a free CRM tool for your WordPress website, Zero BS had over 1000+ active installations. Initially, feedback about the plugin is super positive as compared to other plugins of a similar nature. Though the plugin itself is new, a good report about what it can do for users has spread fast. Zero BS allows for customer management that includes issuing invoices and sending out quotes to customers in a manner that enables tracking of the lead progression.

Within the plugin, you can also expect to get form and email campaign functions, along with the ability to sync payment options such as PayPal with the CRM tool. Zero BS is branded as a self-host CRM that also allows you to add and manage companies based on their B2B functionality. In itself, the dashboard is friendly and offers use with ease.

As the name implies, the plugin is to create a customer list and have a way to contact those who are on it without a third party. It only focuses on the function of turning leads into customers without hustles of doing the same using other avenues.

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8. Salesforce CRM

If you have been around the CRM block for years, then you must be familiar with Salesforce. What makes it accessible is that it caters for large and small businesses alike. Sales and marketing departments love it for its functionality and customization. With it, you don’t have to outsource your marketing activities to other software, your notebook included.

The reason for the hype around Salesforce is that everything gets stored in the cloud, allowing you to access information from various devices as you’re on the move. It is these functionalities and more via the WordPress plugin that has more than +8000 active installations on the platform. The plugin works in tandem with your existing Salesforce account. What does that mean for you? You can feed leads from your WordPress site to your account. It means that you don’t have to import and export or manually feed leads into your Salesforce account.

The plugin is free but to get the integration to your Salesforce account, you will need to sign up for the premium account. If you have a Salesforce account and a website run on WordPress, then this is one partnership you want to make between the two service providers for a seamless experience in CRM.

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9. DX Sales CRM

This next CRM plugin is relatively new, with only about 80 active installations. The reason it makes it to this list is that it offers more than the CRM function and goes into accounting and general contract management. There you can deal with administration purchases, contracts and determining who needs what sort of access into various part of the platform.

One can also generate reports from the dashboard for their meetings or establishing the RIO for using the app in the first place. In the same area, you’re presented with data on lead generation and where various potential customers are in the funnel. DX Sales also facilitates contract management and the ability to create a database that allows for easy finding and communicating with leads.

The overall look of the plugin is simple, allowing easy navigation as you execute various functions. It also can create a self-service portal. The DX Sales is a good start for those starting their business. It is modest in its offering but useful.

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DX Sales CRM

10. WordPress Leads

This next plugin has more than seven thousand downloads, proving to be popular among those looking for CRM options for their WordPress websites. The WordPress Leads is notable in that a person can track an individual as they make their way around your site. The contacts are accessible via an easy to find menu.

What makes this plugin valued in the marketing sphere is that you’re able to track a person’s activity before they engage with the contact form. It also picks up their locations, letting you know where your potential leads are. When you understand what a person was looking at on your website before they choose to engage helps tailor subsequent interactions with them more meaningful. You’re also able to know who can be converted and who needs an extra push.

What makes WordPress Leads stand out is that it can associate each lead with social media habits. You’ll note where most of our contacts are and advertise more on those platforms. The platform is also accommodating in that you can use other CRM tools if you’re looking for added functionality. The plugin is free and generally simple to use. With regards to data and reporting, you’ll have to get add-ons to enjoy such functionality.

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wordpress leads

11. WooCommerce

So far on the list, WooCommerce is by far the most popular WordPress plugin on the list. It has more than 90, 000 active installations and eight languages, and this plugin is ideal for those who conduct sales using their website, or rather, engaged in e-commerce. Therefore, you get the standard contact form, but also track orders and contact customers via email or calls.

WooCommerce allows you to organize how you interact with the customer from the first point of contact to their being on board for life. You can also use all communication between them as a data source to dictate future interactions. The area that is problematic is that you can’t feed customer information via your web forms.

Something users will appreciate is that the language you select when on the site remains the same event to the checkout process. It makes it fantastic for businesses that operate in multiple locations around the world. It also sends emails to customers in the language selected. That also makes transactions easy as there are various currencies to choose from. These features explain why WooCommerce is a popular plugin.

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Wrap up

The 11 CRM plugins shared are but a snapshot of what they offer. As when looking to make sound business decisions, ensure that you have undertaken adequate research as to which plugin aligns with your needs. Overall, those with the highest installations are indicative of what those in the industry deem to be useful and worth the download and installation.

That, however, should not be the basis of your entire decision. There are a few plugins that are very recent but prove to be useful plugins that might surprise you. Another fantastic place to look for what your pick should be from honest reviews or asking around about what your competitors are using. Either way, with those listed above, you’ll harness the potential that WordPress has.