With the rise in the number of eCommerce websites, making your online store stand out is quite a challenging task. You need to ensure your site’s is not only unique (design wise) but also has a memorable domain, great hosting for faster speed, an actionable SEO strategy, among others. Creating an online store is easy, but to drive conversion, you need to ensure that your site has essential elements right from the beginning.

One of the eCommerce mistakes that business owners make is that they don’t have a business plan. What is the aim of the website? What products they want to sell? etc. They also don’t consider the costs of building an eCommerce website and maintaining it. Unlike the usual websites on the internet, eCommerce websites require a lot of resources to build, operate, and manage. Thus, having a limited budget won’t do.

Selecting a wrong eCommerce building platform can also prove to be a costly mistake. Lack of content can affect your site’s marketing campaign. Also, once the website is live, not leveraging online marketing channels like SEO and social media, can affect your site’s traffic and visibility.

The list of eCommerce mistakes are quite extensive, thus to make it easier for you to remember, here is an infographic that highlights the top 19 eCommerce mistakes to avoid. By using the infographic as a checklist, you’d be ensure your site has all the important elements that will help boosts its performance in the long run. It will also help you tackle any issues immediately, before it becomes a hassle later on.

Thus, check out the below infographic now, and for more information, go here to read this complete article.

19 Mistakes To Avoid When Launching An Ecommerce Website [Infographic] by the team at HostingCluesCommon SEO Mistakes Infogrpahic