WordPress Malware Removal Services can help your business to increase security, improve website performance, and avoid devastating data leaks. With more and more businesses using WordPress, this is now an essential service for the digital age.

At WPFixs we offer the premiere WordPress Malware Removal Service. Get in touch to order now, or read on to learn more about what we offer and how we can make your website safer, faster, and more futureproof.

WordPress now powers more than 30% of the websites on the net. That is a huge statistic that is also a testament to just how incredibly powerful and versatile WordPress really is as a service and a platform.

WordPress is now the ‘go-to’ option for businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups and anyone else looking to start a new website or blog. It is incredibly powerful and customizable, completely free, and very easy to use (more on all this in a moment).

But while WordPress has an awful lot going for it, it also has a number of potential risks and threats. The risk here is that many businesses find it too easy to create a blog or website now, which then leads them open to a number of serious attacks.

If you created a WordPress website by installing the tool, adding a theme, and then using lots of plugins… your site is probably at serious risk.

What is WordPress Malware?

Malware is any kind of software that has malicious intent. This could mean:

  • Spyware used to spy on passwords and collect private data
  • Ransomware used to steel your data and then charge you to get it back
  • Viruses which destroy systems and completely prevent them from working
  • Adware which places advertisements without the user’s consent

Often, we think of viruses and adware as being problems that only affect our desktop computers. Most likely, adding a new piece of anti-virus software will be one of the first things you do upon setting up a new machine.

What we don’t realise is that websites need virus protection too! And this is especially true when it comes to WordPress.

The first thing to realise is that when you create a new website and use a hosting service, your files are being stored on a server in some remote location. That’s a permanently connected computer that’s sole job is to let other computers see the files making up various websites. This computer is prone to viruses and infections just like any other and smart hackers are able to use this to their advantage.

Likewise, it’s important to consider that WordPress is a platform that allows anyone to build tools for it. If you download a plugin (a small program that someone else has built that can be added to your WordPress site), then this will run using code that is designed specifically to operate through WordPress as the environment.

And if people can build useful programs, they can also build destructive ones.

Hackers, robots, and countless other threats make it their mission to break into websites and to install malicious software. When this happens, you may find that your customers’ details are stolen, you might see advertisements for Viagra appearing on your home page, or you might see the entire site stop working entirely.

Now you might be thinking that this doesn’t apply to you – maybe you haven’t seen any such ads and maybe your site is still working perfectly. This is a mistake however. The most important thing to consider when it comes to WordPress security and pretty much any security in fact, is that you shouldn’t be waiting for the worst to happen – you should anticipate and prevent the worst from happening before it does!

So, what can you do to protect yourself, your business, and your clients? Simple…

Let WPFixs handle your security for you!

Our Service

The biggest thing that our WordPress Malware Removal Service can do for you is to give you peace of mind. Once we have carried out our work, you will be able to rest assured that your website is entirely free from unwanted programs and files, that your passwords are secure, and that your customers will not have their data shared against your – or their – wishes.

Our service will carry out a number of steps in order to get your site running cleanly and smoothly. Here’s what will happen:


We start out by scanning your website for malware. This process will look for any malicious files that are already installed on your system, but it will also go further by looking at the methods that you used to build your site, the people who have access and more. We want to know where you got your themes, what plugins you’re using, and whether you used a third party to build your site.

In other words, we will attempt to understand the workings of your site so that we can address vulnerabilities and look in places that other WordPress Malware Removal Services might miss!

Then we run our scans using advanced tools to check your site against a huge database of malicious plugins, bad code, and other signs that your site’s security has been compromised.


Now we know what the problem is, we can get on it and start fixing your site! We can use a number of powerful tools to instantly seek out and destroy the malware. Unfortunately, these tools aren’t likely to do the entire job on their own though, so that’s why we’ll also probably want to jump in their and roll our sleeves up – get our hands dirty with some coding!

For instance, we might need to get into the code running a plugin such as a forum in order to remove spam posts that you simply can’t remove the conventional way. We might also have to undo some changes that have been made to the code.

The Core Files that power WordPress such as the xmlrpc.php, htcaccess and wp-config.php files are the most important when it comes to keeping your site running well and avoiding exploitation. We’ll always want to spend some time in here cleaning up then too.

All hacked files, bad database entries, backdoors, unwanted files, and more will be removed, and your site will now be pristine and 100% safe. But our work is not yet done!


Now your site is as good as new, and you can rest easy knowing you are free from unwanted malware. But our work isn’t finished yet, because right now, there’s nothing to stop those problems from rearing their ugly heads again!

This is why the next step is for us to fortify for your site – to use software and smart tweaks in order to make it almost impossible for hackers and bad programs to do any harm in future.

We might advise you to change your password for instance, and we might also help you to install a number of security plugins that can help to make your site more secure – things like CAPTCHA password fields, and tools that check your site regularly can be a great help.

Other options include switching to HTTPS, renaming some of your WordPress files in order to move them from bots and other programs etc.

Finally, we’ll have a discussion with you about things you can keep doing in future to keep your site safe. Checking plugins first, making sure your own personal computers are secure, and more can all help to keep your site safe and secure. In short, you’ll end up with your very own personalized security strategy to help keep your site safe moving forward.

The WPFixs Difference

When you use WPFixs, you will be working with consummate professionals who love what they do and have a huge amount of experience and expertise. We are full-stack developers with star-studded backgrounds and extensive portfolios.

Some security agencies will simply use freely available tools to scan your site and charge over-the-odds for that privilege. This is a disingenuous practice and one that will leave you open and vulnerable to future attacks (not to mention failing to remove the issue in the first place!).

That’s why it’s so important to hire a team that loves what they do, and that have true computer science knowledge. We can dig much deeper and find the issues that those free tools will miss, and when the going gets tough, we can actually re-write your code to make it faster, more efficient, and safer.

We are not just coders though – we are security specialists. That means we can also help you to keep your site safer going forward and look at the human element. You’ll experience all this first hand when you use our services.

Here are some key features of our service:

  • Rapid turn-around – Your site will be clean usually within 24 hours!
  • Excellent communication – You will be kept in the driving seat at all times and we’ll ensure you know precisely what we’re doing with full and detailed reports.
  • Flexible service – While we specialize in WordPress security, we can also provide a host of other services such as speed optimization, SEO, and more. If you don’t see the service you need – just ask!
  • Affordable – We strive to ensure that even the smallest site can benefit from the best security. That’s why we’ve worked hard to keep our rates affordable – and to design solutions that match your budget.

Security Changes That Can Save Your Business

These Plugins Can Improve Your WordPress Security

As mentioned, one of the top strategies for improving WordPress security is to install new plugins.

One of the very best things about WordPress is the huge community supporting its development and consistently submitting new plugins and themes for developers, bloggers and businesses to take advantage of. With millions of free plugins available, it’s possible for you to add a wide variety of features to your site with just the touch of a button.

At WPFixs, we will be able to advise some of the best security plugins on the market, while also installing a few of our own custom solutions. We’ll assess your goals and your site before making this decision to ensure you have a completely personalized security strategy.

Here are just some of the types of plugins we often recommend:

iThemes Security

iThemes Security was previously known as ‘Better WP Security’ and is a plugin that promises to help protect your WordPress site in over 30 different ways. It protects automated attacks, fixed common security flaws and adds a two factor authentication process, password expiration and malware scanning among other things. It has good reviews and is a very comprehensive approach to your security.

Backup WordPress

In the worst case scenario there is still one option – burn it all down and start again! Only, you probably won’t want to do that if it involves losing many years of work and taking your site entirely back to the drawing board. Backup WordPress is a plugin that does what it says on the tin – backs up WordPress and all the hard work you’ve put in.

We will often recommend that our clients install this plugin as soon as possible. That way, if an errant program has caused too much damage to your site, you’ll be able to ‘roll back’ and retrieve the old version.

All in One WP Security & Firewall

This is another one designed to check and fix vulnerabilities in your WordPress site. It protects against brute force attacks, sends email notifications when someone gets locked out of your site and includes a ‘security scanner’ to track files that are changed and to look for malicious or suspicious code.


CAPTCHA helps to block both spam and brute force attacks by providing a test to prove that you’re human. Key CAPTCHA is a popular and effective example of this that has lots of options and lets you protect login, comments, forms and more for comprehensive coverage.

Optimize Database

Optimize Database should keep your WordPress site running smoothly by keeping your database clean and preventing errors. Many unwanted malware programs will attack your database and leave a trail of destruction in their wake – so this is a very useful tool for the clean-up operation.

All these and many more plugins can all help you to keep your WordPress site safe and secure – but remember that too many plugins can present a risk in themselves. Try not to overdo it – choose a security plugin and CAPTCHA that works for you and then just use common sense to protect against the rest!

If you’re unsure? Speak with a member of our team! Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Some More Tips for Optimizing WordPress Security

As well as advising on the use of plugins and manually removing malware, WPFixs will provide a full consultation and action plan to help keep your site secure in future.

You can get a head start by carrying out some of the most basic steps yourself.

Creating the Best Password Possible

To begin you will need to choose the right password. This is your initial line of defence and should be something that you can remember easily, but that can’t be easily guessed or cracked by a machine.

When ‘robots’ crack passwords they do so by running algorithms that essentially will ‘rapidly guess’ different passwords until finding the right one. This is called a ‘brute force’ attack (which as we’ve mentioned can be partially thwarted by plugins such as CAPTCHA fields). As such then, you need to make your password harder to guess by using a range of different characters (including symbols and different cases) as well as ensuring your password is long enough to be statistically less likely.

As you need to remember this password though, you should make it somehow memorable. Thus, it’s still a good idea to use actual words – perhaps two or three random words strung together like ‘BoxStairHill’ with a number somewhere that will mean something to you (your anniversary for instance or your sister’s birthday. Avoid using you’re your own birthday or other information that hackers can get hold of and avoid using any numbers that have meaning to everyone (such as 1066).

What’s interesting is that a series of seemingly unrelated words has actually been shown to be more secure than randomly jumbled letters and numbers too!

The Right Security Question

Of course, there’s still a chance you might forget your password which is why security questions also need to play a role. Here, it’s important that you choose questions that won’t be too easy to guess or find out, but that you also choose questions that you will know the answer to.

What that means then is that you should avoid any information that can be found online elsewhere or even from your documents. The name of your high school for instance is not a great security question as you probably have that listed on your Facebook – and the same goes for your Mothers’ maiden name (friends with your Gran on Facebook? There you go then…).

Better then are things like the name of your first pet, or the name of your first crush. These are personal bits of information that only you and your trusted circle of friends and family will know.

Moving Files

One of the best things you can do when you have been hacked in the past or received malware, is to change some of the file names of your main WordPress pages (such as wp-admin). Remember: it’s usually not humans that are doing the hacking but programs that attack sites around the web en-masse. These rely on the similarity between WordPress sites (see below) which means they know where to find certain files.

Run Updates Regularly

Perhaps the most important tip we can give WordPress owners is to make sure to constantly run updates on their site and on their plugins. Every now and then, a

Avoid Installing Too Many Plugins

Why You Absolutely Need Malware Removal Services

The Benefits and Weaknesses of WordPress Security

The unfortunate fact we need to bear in mind is that in some ways, it actually makes a website more susceptible to attack from malware and other types of security threats. This is inherent in its popularity and the very way it works.

There are also advantages to using WordPress from a security standpoint though too. Here’s what you need to know…

The Security Benefits of WordPress

The big benefit of WordPress when it comes to security is the huge community surrounding it. Millions of people use WordPress which is an open source platform that anyone can contribute to. This is great news because it means there are thousands of people looking after security at any given time effectively. If one user spots a security flaw in the system, then will likely report it and a fix will be uploaded in no time at all. What’s more, plugins designed to enhance security are being added all the time.

Another big advantage of WordPress is that it is such a big and powerful CMS (content management system). It’s been around for a long time, it was coded by absolute experts in their fields and most IT support companies and web developers know how to work with it. This means that you don’t need to try and build your own website – with security – yourself and means you don’t need to hire a company you’ve never heard of to do it for you. It also means that when something does go wrong, most people you contact will be able to help you fix it quickly without having to learn the way around your code.

The Drawbacks of WordPress

Unfortunately though, the very things that make WordPress secure can also be drawbacks in some senses.

As mentioned, the fact that anyone can provide themes and plugins means that you will often be trusting complete strangers with your security. Add a plugin from an unknown source and you might be opening yourself up to new vulnerabilities.

At the same time, the fact that so many big sites are on WordPress means that it’s a very appealing target for potential hackers. If they can hack one WordPress site, they can probably hack them all – which is why we need to be ever vigilant against people trying to bypass our security and work as a community to defend what we’ve built.

In short, WordPress provides a single target for hackers and malware coders to focus on. They know that if they can hack one WordPress site, they can hack 30% of the entire web. And once they’ve ‘cracked the code’ as it were, they’ll start using their tools to break into any WordPress sites they can find.

Why You Should Still 100% Choose WordPress to Power Your Blog or Website

One of the first things you’ll need to decide when you set out to create a website, is what CMS you’re going to use. A CMS is a ‘Content Management System’ and essentially, this is a piece of code that will form the framework and backbone of your website. This helps to make it easier for you to build your site and also gives you the means to quickly update and edit it as you see fit.

WordPress is perhaps the most popular CMS but there are many other choices out there. And at the same time, you’ll also always have the option to create websites from scratch with HTML and CSS.

At this point in time, you might be wondering if your site would be safer if you just avoided using WordPress altogether!

Read on to see why WordPress is really the only smart choice.

Why WordPress?

The first thing you need to know about WordPress, is that it is by far the most popular CMS. At the same time, it is also the CMS used by the biggest number of highly successful websites and even Fortune 500 companies. This is something that’s really worth sitting up and taking notice of because it means that a WordPress site can be highly successful and is potentially very Google friendly for SEO. You need to get the details right sure, but the potential is there.

This way, when you try and build a site with WordPress, you know that you’re off to a good start. If the site isn’t successful, it’s not the fault of the code.

Easiness and Support

At the same time, WordPress is incredibly easy to set up in just a few clicks. It’s completely free as well and its highly customizable. There’s a huge community out there to support the platform and you can get thousands of free and paid themes and plugins.

At the end of the day it just makes good business sense to choose the tool that has a proven track record and is highly easy. Why make life harder for yourself?

So, despite the potential security issues poised by using WordPress, the benefits drastically outweigh the negatives. And as long as you use a company like WPFixs, then you have nothing to fear.

Common WordPress Problems Solved

WordPress is all about making your life easier as a webmaster and it makes everything from choosing a design to adding new features much faster and more straightforward than it otherwise would be. But just because WordPress is designed to make life easier, that doesn’t always mean it’s completely without it’s issues and it certainly doesn’t mean nothing can ever go wrong. If you’re going to be using WordPress to run your site for the next several years, then in all likelihood you will run into at least one or two snags along the way.

That’s where we come in! At WPFixs, it’s our mission to ensure your site is running smoothly and that any issues caused by bad programs are completely eliminated.

Not sure if your problem is malware related? Maybe you’re uncertain if it is even fixable at all!

Never fear: WPFixs is here to answer your common problems and issues:

WordPress Isn’t Loading

A problem that commonly affects WordPress users is that their site fails to load all together. This can of course be caused by a number of issues as it’s a pretty broad problem – however a common cause that’s actually very easy to fix is that you have plugins on your site that are not agreeing. Not all plugins are compatible with one another and if one is making a change to your site that the other doesn’t like, this can result in your site failing to load at all.

As you might imagine, the solution to this issue is often as straightforward as the cause – it just requires you to uninstall one or more plugins. The easiest way to do this is by uninstalling all your plugins and then reinstalling them one at a time until you manage to reproduce the error and find the culprit.

Now of course there’s a chance that one of these ‘plugins’ is in fact a piece of malware that you never chose to install in the first place. This may not show up in your admin panel as normal, or it may refuse to delete. In that case, that’s when you should give us a call.

There is Spam That You Can’t Delete

If you have spam messages in your comments or on a forum, then these will often be placed by robots – scripts designed to sign in and post advertisements all around the web.

But sometimes you’ll find spam on your forum that you can’t delete. This is because it has actually changed the code of the forum – and the same can happen with comments.

One tip is to consider using the bigger and better known plugins for these jobs – things like Discus or Facebook Comments will rarely run into these issues and will be quickly updated to solve the problem after.

Alternatively, give WPFixs a call. We’ll be able to remove the responsible malware and fix the code to get your site working properly again.

You Can’t Get Into the Admin Panel

Only problem is, sometimes you won’t be able to reach your admin panel in order to delete plugins. Oh dear! In this case though, a handy solution is to use FTP or the file manager that your hosting service provides and to find a folder called ‘wo-contents’. In here is a folder called ‘plugins’. Rename that and you can thus see your site again, plugin free!

If you aren’t confident with how to do that, then you can always get in touch with WPFixs and let us handle the job for you.

Your Theme is Incompatible

Sometimes you can also face the dreaded white screen upon installing a new theme. When this happens, there’s thankfully once again a simple solution which is to rename the folder with the name of your theme, this time found under wp-content/’themes’. When installing new themes, always check that they’re compatible with your version of WordPress before going ahead.

Again, this means logging into the file manager on your server, which means you have to be very careful not to damage crucial files. If you’re unsure, you can get WPFixs to take a look.

Failed Upgrade

There’s one more possible cause for the ‘white screen of death’ and that’s that your WordPress update has failed mid-way through. When this happens, the solution is to install it manually. You can find how to do that by following instructions at the official WordPress.com site – or you can let us handle it for you.

Your Site Loads Slowly

If your site is loading very slowly then this can hurt your bounce rates, audience retention, Google rankings, and user experience. This might be the result of bad optimization – such as the use of large image files, or a surplus of plugins. However, it can also be due to unwanted malware that is making your site sluggish or causing elements to fail to load.

WPFixs will be able to instantly speed up your site significantly if there is any malware slowing it down. And you’ll also find that after we have cleaned your site and made it more secure, it will become even faster as a by-product. Clean, secure sites are sites that load quickly and efficiently.

If your site still doesn’t load as quickly as you’d like, then we can help you to make some fixes to speed things up further.

Unusual Activity Spotted in Server Logs

While hackers are careful to cover their tracks, we’re smarter than them and we can track them down!

One issue that you might notice is that your server logs – the plain text files stored on the server to keep track of errors and traffic – have some unusual reporting. This is a way to quickly spot a potential issue and get on its trail!

Your Traffic Has Suddenly Dropped

One of the most alarming things that can happen when you get malware is that your hard-earned traffic suddenly bottoms out. If you’re no longer seeing the numbers that you used to, then it could be that a piece of malware on your site is actually redirectingyour visitors to another page!

Because a logged-in user often won’t be directed, you may not notice this problem right away. But during this time, another site will be siphoning off all of your traffic and earning money from your hard work. The longer this goes on, the more it will permanently hurt your position on Google!

To solve this problem, you should try to locate and remove the malware as soon as possible. This is our specialty, so get in touch and we’re confident we’ll be able to do it in minutes!

There are other causes for a sudden drop in traffic too though. This could be an innocent ‘algorithm change’ at Google, meaning that Google has changed the way it ranks sites and you were one of the unlucky losers.

Letting us take a look at your site is a good way to rule out the possibility of malware – and if that isn’t the problem, then we can also offer advice on

You’ve Lost Your Password

If you lose your WordPress password, you can always request that a replacement be sent to your e-mail. However, in some unfortunate cases you’ll find that your e-mail never arrives, leaving you in a bit of a pickle. Thankfully, there’s a relatively easy solution.

That solution is to log in to your cPanel (assuming you’re using a hosting service that provides cPanel, then click on phpMyAdmin under Databases. From here, select your WordPress database, go to wp_users, click on browse and then find your Username. Click ‘edit’ and you’ll be able to add a new password by filing out the ‘user-pass’ form (case sensitive).

If you still can’t log in, then it’s possible your user account has been deleted – which is another common strategy used by malware!

More Issues

There are a huge number of other potential issues and problems when it comes to WordPress. Often you will find that you have lots of niggling issues that build up over time – such as misaligned graphics, slow load times, extra user accounts appearing, defacement of your homepage and more.

There are often simple fixes for all these problems – you just need a team with the experience, tools, and will to get things working as normal again. That’s us, so if you have any WordPress related issues then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends very much on the nature of your site, as well as the extent of the damage. Generally though, we aim to deliver within 24 hours.
If we can’t help you, then you won’t pay anything for the service.
We are experts in computer science, WordPress, internet marketing and more. We can certainly provide more than just security tips, so get in touch if you’d like to discuss other services.
Get in touch and we can let you know if we’re able to help.
If you’re unsure of anything get in touch for a free consultation. Some of our clients are unsure if they’re using WordPress – we can tell you that too!
Not a problem – we can work around the challenge.
While we can never guarantee 100%, we can honestly say that we are the best in the business and we have sky high success rates. If we can’t do it – then no one can. And in that case, we can help you to salvage as much of the original site as possible.
To get started, just get in touch and start discussing the problem. Or you can use the order forms on our site. We look forward to working with you!


How Long Will The Service Take?

This depends very much on the nature of your site, as well as the extent of the damage. Generally though, we aim to deliver within 24 hours.

What if You Can’t Solve My Problem?

If we can’t help you, then you won’t pay anything for the service.

Can You Help With My SEO?

We are experts in computer science, WordPress, internet marketing and more. We can certainly provide more than just security tips, so get in touch if you’d like to discuss other services.

What if My Site Isn’t WordPress?

Get in touch and we can let you know if we’re able to help.

I Don’t Know if I Have Malware?

If you’re unsure of anything get in touch for a free consultation. Some of our clients are unsure if they’re using WordPress – we can tell you that too!

My Website Developer Built My Site and I Don’t Know Anything About It

Not a problem – we can work around the challenge.

Will You Be Able to Clean My Site?

While we can never guarantee 100%, we can honestly say that we are the best in the business and we have sky high success rates. If we can’t do it – then no one can. And in that case, we can help you to salvage as much of the original site as possible.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, just get in touch and start discussing the problem. Or you can use the order forms on our site. We look forward to working with you!