The Stats

A total of 1,284,211,981 websites were online at 8:20 AM GMT on 12th Nov 2017; the moment this article was being penned-

Now, can you guess the CMS that a majority of these websites work upon? Yup, you got it correct! WordPress is the answer. As per the data from– WordPress shares a market share of 59.8%, as of 12th Nov 2017. It is followed by Joomla and Drupal with 6.6% and 4.7% market shares, respectively.

The questions that arise from reading these stats is- Why WordPress is the leader in CMS industry? Or, Why WordPress is the first software that most webmasters prefer to install on their domains? Or, what is even a CMS?

Let’s start with the basics-

What is a CMS?

Content Management System CMS

CMS is the abbreviation for Content Management System. As it implies, a CMS is designed to make the management of a website quite simple. CMS is a web-based application whereby one can create, edit, publish, and update the digital content on a site easily and quickly.

Some examples of the popular Content Management Systems are

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • SilverStripe

The functionalities of a CMS are further extended with a variety of themes and plugins. A CMS confers the ease to start publishing right away by ruling out the need to code from scratch.

Also, a CMS, with its SEO-friendly features, gives your website an edge over the traditionally coded sites to outrank them in the search results of various search engines.

WordPress powers 29% of the internet-

Why WordPress Rules the Web?

Why wordpress Rule

Source –

WordPress launched in 2003 as an open source platform for blogging has now grown beyond its limits to encompass the functionalities of other kinds of websites such as-

  • E-commerce website- Plugins like WooCommerce an WP eCommerce make WordPress an eCommerce solution. Examples- Alibaba, eBay
  • Video collection website like Vimeo
  • Photographic website like
  • Membership website like
  • Informative website like TechCrunch
  • Adsense website
  • A knowledgebase website
  • Directory website like Yelp

WordPress can be installed easily when done manually. Alternatively, the web-hosts offer an automated one-click installation that anybody with a basic understanding of computers can do.

Some stats testifying the growth of WordPress as the most popular CMS

WordPress Worldwide figures:

  • 130,496,012- free theme downloads in 2015
  • 50,000 websites launched daily.
  • 7 million files uploaded to
  • 409+ million people viewed over 19.6 billion webpages.

WordPress powers numerous Top-websites

Every Fourth Website Created Is On WordPress

These are the factors that have made WordPress this popular:

1. WordPress is completely free and comes in two versions

Wordpress org a free CMS

With a limited functionality, you get to have your site running on a subdomain of as It is, however, an unprofessional and a beginner’s choice.

You can create a more personalized website in combination with other tools, like domain and hosting, that may cost you a bit. With this version of WordPress, the sky is the limit.

2. 99% SEO friendly

Wordpress SEO Friendly CMS

Source –

WordPress fulfills all the parameters that a CMS is supposed to have according to the Google.

Along with its high-quality code that produces Semantic markup, WordPress also comes inbuilt with the following crucial features.

  • Faster loading speed– The speed is one of the deciding factors for the success of your website.
  • XML Sitemap– Ease of generation and submission of sitemaps helps search engines recognize the structure and content on your website.
  • Navigation– Menus, drop-down menus, categories, and tags enhance the overall user experience.
  • Social media Integration– It helps in sharing the content available on your website which in turn brings additional traffic to it. Search engines prefer this.
  • Image optimization-The feature to add Title and Alt tags to images straightforwardly helps in a good ranking of the post/page.
  • Fantastic user experience– Sites built on WordPress are fully responsive, mobile-friendly and are optimized to work efficiently on systems, browsers, and multiple devices.

3. Easily Customizable

WP Dashboard

Heave a sigh of relief as you don’t need to be a pro coder to draft CSS and HTML pages. With WordPress, you can create a mesmerizing appearance on your website. Just a good taste of colors and there you go.

Every aspect of a website such as a font, design, and color can be customized with a click. There are two main ways to make customizations-

Through Dashboard

A simple, user-friendly WordPress dashboard welcomes you with its array of customization options.

Through Coding

Being a coding expert allows you to make even more customizations by editing the theme codes directly.

4. Supports rich text editor

WordPress has an inbuilt WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editing system. It is a user interface which allows the user to view a closely resembling form of end-result.

It supports the insertion of multimedia elements like images, audio, and video in a blog post with a single click.

The relevant multimedia elements increase the user-engagement and result in the growth of traffic.

5. Publish in your language and still remain relevant, globally


Although 70% of WordPress sites are in English, their translation into over 60 languages keeps their content appealing even to the non-English speakers.

On the other hand, you can create blogs and publish your content in many languages which instantly becomes the source of information for those who don’t even know your language.

6. Freedom to choose your design and functionality

Wordpress Free Themes

Different people have different needs for their websites, so the WordPress has developed thousands of themes that you can select as per your requirements.

The 21st century is all about standing out from the crowd. You definitely cannot afford to remain unknown by being similar to others on world wide web. WordPress greatly helps you with that.

Moreover, a wide variety of plugins allow you to add more functionality to your themes/templates.

WordPress’ repository currently contains 52,949 plugins which are downloaded over 1,432,006, 605 times.

These themes and plugins are contributed to WordPress by Professionals, Freelancers, Amateurs, and Hobbyists. The involvement of these IT elements ensures the secured future of WordPress as a CMS.

7. Ease of Integration with various services/applications

Although WordPress already comes with most of the features, some functions can still be increased with the plugins.

Email Marketing– it is the most critical factor to consider if you seek to go a long way with your website. The email marketing plugins are easy to install and can be used to collect the emails of your leads. For example, MailChimp.

Contact Form– The essential requirement of any website is to have a contact form. It helps you and your brand to interact with your customers or readers. For example, Contact Form 7.

8. With WordPress, you are very well secured

wordpress security plugins yoast

Source –

Nothing today can be called 100% secured but with a continuous official vigilance, the vulnerabilities can be promptly fixed.

WordPress releases regular updates to keep hackers at bay. Moreover, with the general knowledge & awareness and by following some security methods, your WordPress website will stay safe.

Things to remember to make your WP website secured-

  • Download recently updated plugins.
  • Update WordPress as soon as new version is available.
  • Use or trusted sources to download plugins.
  • Prefer the plugin with a higher rating and a higher number of downloads.
  • Install security tools like Wordfence security.

9. Vast community to help you with the troubleshooting

WordPress has a large community of developers, active users and support team who have mutually figured out the millions of queries. You can search for your query and sort your problem out with the previously answered question.

But, there are times when you stumble upon the problem that nobody has ever gotten into. What to do then?

You can post your question which is answered ASAP with a 100% valid solution.


WordPress has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent years to become the most adored Content Management System available. It offers a lot of features that are crucial to the progress and success of a website in this highly competitive digital world.

Being a diverse platform, it houses thousands of themes and plugins to suit different purposes and to increase functionality.

WordPress is an SEO-friendly CMS that assists the search engine bots in identifying the various elements in a page and post. These sites are crawled deeply and indexed efficiently which makes your content available to the users as soon as possible. SEO plugins like Yoast, greatly help the beginners to understand the basics of SEO.

The websites built on WordPress are pleasing to the users and competent enough to keep them engaged with its multimedia support.

WordPress is more secure than its other competitors, which can be attributed to its regular updates and backed by security plugins like WP Security & Firewall.

The grievances are quickly resolved through the large WordPress community. This keeps your blog or website running smoothly.

All in all, WordPress is a highly recommended CMS.