Since the year 2003, WordPress has earned much reputation as a free and robust open-source content management system. In fact, the easy to use interface and amazing features have also made it highly popular among start-ups for website development. But how suitable is the platform for a small business? What are its biggest differentiators? Is it a good alternative for managing typical start-up difficulties, such as low budget, lack of resources, shortage of time, etc.?

If you are also a small business owner with a website development plan in the pipeline, we have got you covered in this article. Let’s talk about 10 most interesting reasons that make WordPress the best choice for entrepreneurs. Here we go:

1.Simple And Fast Installation Process

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The first and foremost thing that needs to be taken into account by a business for developing a website is the installation of the CMS platform. Needless to say, it is the scariest part to most start-up owners, who hardly possess any technical knowledge or skill. WordPress makes the task as easy as a cakewalk for them.

By choosing WordPress over other CMS platforms available in the market, you not only make the entire procedure of installation hassle-free but also get an opportunity to understand the website setup fully. No matter which web host you are using for installing WordPress, it offers the easiest way to create a website via either a one-click install or a super easy manual install service. Moreover, the usage and management of the platform are also pretty simple, which is really loved by entrepreneurs.

2.Great Open Source Customization

Open Source Customization

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When it comes to developing a website for a start-up, customization is considered as one of the biggest necessities. The story of each brand is unique and only a bespoke website rather than a one-size-fits-all platform can reflect its true essence. Being an open source platform, WordPress offers maximum customization to its users, which makes it the first choice of any entrepreneur.

WordPress is an extremely rich repository of amazing themes and useful plug-ins, which enable you to design a precisely tailored website without hiring a developer. There are both paid and free choices to match distinctive requirements and goals of a business and the number is literally ever growing. However, entrepreneurs with a tight budget can simply choose from 3,000+ free themes as well as 30,000+ free plug-ins available in the directory, and download them within their WordPress dashboards directly.

Each theme and plug-in offered by WordPress is SEO-compatible and provides excellent functionality. This ensures that you do not need to seek the help of a pro for accomplishing every little thing and you can save your time as well while customizing your website.

3.Easy Creation Of One-Page Website

Easy Creation of WordPress one page website

The journey of a start-up usually begins with an exclusive idea or product and the initial objective of developing a website revolves around the launch of the same online. Therefore initially, many start-ups plan for a simple one-page website with a multi-purpose theme that can offer all information at one place without costing a fortune. With WordPress, you can not only create a single-page website with utmost accuracy but also get the most out of it effortlessly.

The platform allows entrepreneurs to develop a one-page website with maximum ease so that their visitors can get all vital information simply by scrolling down or within the scope of that web page only. However, the multi-purpose themes offered by WordPress take this provision to an all new height by extending the functionalities significantly. Such themes make the display of the single-page analogy in action smooth and responsive with no additional changes to the style or appearance of the website. At the same time, they increase the efficiency of the website to a huge extent and save a lot of time too.

4.Best Coding By Expert Developers

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Coding is an indispensable part of any website development effort. It is essential for start-ups to find the best platform, which facilitates the process of development as well as promotes agility by taking coding beyond the traditional languages.WordPress is undoubtedly the best bet for this as the CMS leave old-school coding standards behind to come up with modern themes, thereby making website development a trouble-free affair for entrepreneurs.

The latest themes offered by WordPress are developed by expert developers with enough hands-on experience in modern programming languages including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and others. Apart from being of top-notch quality, this themesalwaysboast of up-to-date features. As a result, you can incorporate any additional feature you need in your theme anytime in future and move ahead with the development of your website without facing any difficulty.

5.Websites Optimized For Businesses

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A well-optimized website is a prerequisite for any start-up as it gives the business a major push. So, it is always a wise idea to find a CMS platform that comes loaded with optimization features. Using WordPress can help you immensely in developing a website perfectly optimized for your business.

The online business world is ruled by content and it is impossible for any start-up to win the race without having a sound content marketing strategy in place. Since WordPress started as a blog publishing platform, it has been focusing on content from the day one like nothing else.You can create content that will be easy to crawl by search engine bots simply by using the visual rich text editor present in the platform as it allows text formatting, hyperlinking, a creation of headline tags, image inclusion, and much more.

Even if your WordPress theme does not give you an option to optimize your content through the default panel, explore the range of SEO plug-ins offered by the platform. Downloading a suitable plug-in for this purpose will be a matter of a few minutes only!

6.Email Management Made Easy

Email Management Make Easy With WordPress

Just like content marketing, email marketing is another important part of a start-up business and the website must make it easy for entrepreneurs to interact with their presence as well as potential customers through emails. WordPress can help you focus on your email management activities in order to facilitate the release of your product or services in the market.

The CMS features plenty of free plug-ins and extensions intended for email management, which makes it a great choice for start-up owners. From communicating back to the customers to selling products across all web pages, you can do a lot with these code files. Furthermore, you can design your emails according to the essence of your brand and create a strong impact on your customers.

7.Mobile-Responsive Website Creation

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Nowadays, the world is highly mobile and it is a no-brainer for today’s start-ups that a mobile-ready website is crucial for the maximum outreach of the business.Going mobile not only makes the website responsive to all devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) but also boosts its accessibility radically. WordPress is known to be one of the best platforms available to create mobile-responsive websites with the least difficulties.

Each theme offered by WordPress comes mobile-ready. In fact, mobile-responsiveness has become a standard for themes to get approved by the CMS directory. So, entrepreneurs can stay assured about the functionalities of their WordPress websites on mobile devices anytime, thereby maximizing their business outreach.

8.Ultimate Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effective WordPress Development Service

Budget is the biggest constraint for most start-ups. They keep struggling with it all the time and try to get the most out of every penny spent. WordPress can turn out to be the savior for such small businesses seeking a cost-effective website development solution as the CMS offers heaps of benefits absolutely free.

While creating a WordPress website, you simply need to spend for the domain name registration and the hosting package. All other basic features of the platform can be availed without any additional charge. Moreover, you can try monetizing your website right from the initial package based on the size of your business.

9.Continuous Improvements

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It often becomes tough for start-up owners to evolve continuously and keep up the pace while managing websites completely by themselves. Nothing can be more helpful for them if the website creation platform itself takes care of the improvement and upgradation parts. Here comes the worth of WordPress. It updates its features, security, and policies continuously in order to keep your website up front, thereby making your business run smoothly.

10.Community And Forum Support


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Last but not the least; WordPress never ever makes start-up owners feel left out.There are lots of communities and forums associated with the open source CMS across the world, and their members are always happy to help each other as well as the beginners. In fact, you will also keep getting free updates from WordPress regarding the solutions of security and bug issues frequently.

What started as a mere blogging platform has now grown to be one of the strongest yet cheapest platforms for website creation. Needless to say, WordPress is an amazing choice for any start-up, and entrepreneurs can certainly save their valuable time and hard-earned money to a huge extent by choosing it over others.