Since the inception of WordPress in the year 2003, it has become one of the topmost web developing CMS in the world. The reason that it has been giving consistent results is its simplicity and best quality performance. WordPress has been evolving and changing since the time it was developed. It has made all the possible changes to suit the demands of its users, and this is the reason that is said to be the preeminent and most preferred content management system. If you are looking forward to developing your own website, then it is very important to pay attention to how it looks. The look of a web page is very crucial; as it will help, you get more views and popularity, and for this, nothing can help you better than WordPress.

When you are running an online business or even a personal blog over the internet, its success depends on the number of people it can attract. To gain more views and traffic it is important that you offer high- quality content to engage the audience. Besides high-quality content, its look also matters allot and to give you page a good appearance it is important to have a suitable theme. WordPress has come up with different themes for its audience to help them make their webpage look better than others. In the further paragraphs, we will be discussing the most popular WordPress themes that have made the task of web development very easy.

There are various themes of WordPress that could help you give your page a whole new look. However, not all the themes are perfect for all. This means that if you are having a food and travel blog, you cannot choose a more business-like theme. Thus, to get the best of results anyone using the WordPress must have a good knowledge of the themes. Therefore, to make your task a lot easier, here are the best themes of WordPress to suit your needs.

Top 10 best WordPress themes

Each of the 10 themes is different and have specific features that make them stood out. However, one thing that is common among all of them is that all are easily adaptive and can be customized, as you like. The brief reviews of the 10 best themes of WordPress will let you choose the one that fits you the best.

1. Oshine

Oshine is the best that anyone can use. It is a one-stop solution for all kinds of users be it businesspersons, individual bloggers or any co-operation.  It is an eloquent and creative option for all the big as well as smile size organizations.  It is built with powerful and unique capabilities to develop static websites, webpage creations, and single page website in the most efficient manner.

Properties of Oshine

  • It can help you create gorgeous and professional looking web pages.
  • it has pre-included demos
  • expansive parallax statics
  • Static parallax video backgrounds, headers, page titles, sections, etc.
  • High-resolution vistas

Oshine is the best theme that gives incredible layouts and gives your page the most sophisticated look. The phrase of dress to impress fits this theme the best.

oshine theme wordpress

2. Divi

Divi is one of the most flexible themes that you can ever get. It comes with the motto of the sky is the limit. It is so because you get the opportunity to customize this theme in whatever way you want. The unlimited features that enable customization are the USP of this theme. The level of personalization Divi gives you can only come otherwise when you take the help of a professional web developer.


Properties of Divi

  • It lets you step out of the customization limits set by other themes.
  • The Divi builder lets you give a more personal touch to the web page.
  • You can change anything. From the color to the fonts and from the layouts to the page format.
  • It has a drag and drop interface that makes it easy to use.
  • it comes with 18 preset layouts

Divi is the most engaging and functional theme of the WordPress with the most responsive design. It can be accessed by any browser and gives its users a great exposure and opportunities.

Divi Theme

3. Soledad

Anyone who has used this theme yet has become a fan of it. Soledad is the theme with some best quality designs and remarkable features. It has a high-resolution display and gives an authentic look to the web page.

Properties of Soledad

  • It comes with more than 200 slider combinations and blog layouts.
  • it serves around 250 homepage demos for its users
  • It has all that a blogger could ever wish for. the 6 portfolio variations and article layouts add to the properties
  • It comes with an eye-catching gallery and a massive color palette.
  • It gives an online documentation source letting the users to learn more about the site.
Soledad WordPress Theme

The Soledad is one of the themes that has been able to live up to everyone’s expectations. Its best performance is the reason that it has been included in the top 10 list of WordPress themes.

4. Uncode

This theme makes some of the most highly interactive pages on the web. Uncode has an impressive set of tools and features making the customization task easier.  This theme is best for the users wanting to enter in the online marketing segment. It will not be wrong to say that this is the most technically sound themes on WordPress.

Properties of uncode

  • it is powered by the latest and best web development technology
  • it incorporates HTML coding
  • uncode has the best customizable CSS3 styling
  • it offers the modular bootstrap designs
  • It has an advanced color scheme and typographical options.

Uncode is designed to load faster which means that it can give best results even on the slower connections. It also allows maximum exposure to the content with virtualization options. It is best if you have to say something an need a good soapbox to say it.

Uncode WordPress Theme

5. Massive dynamic

If you wish to develop an attractive and beautiful website, then massive dynamic is the best option for you.  Just like its name, the massive dynamic it gives its users an unimaginably dynamic platform with very customizable features. This theme suits best to the webmasters who have to handle projects on a regular basis and who have to deal with different subjects and a diverse online audience.

Properties of massive dynamic

  • Its real-time live website builder helps in simplifying the web design.
  • Its features help in giving a dynamic visual interface.
  • It comes with a wide range of professionally designed templates.
  • it also has websites that could suit specific market, professional and personal applications
  • It has all the configuration settings and shortcuts that make it readily function able.

The properties of massive dynamic do not end here. It has some of the best header customization technology. It supports the e-commerce and live website that makes it even more preferable.

Massive dynamic WordPress Theme

6. Jevelin

This theme of WordPress is best for multipurpose websites. It has deep customization capabilities and a spontaneous visual page building process.  This theme offers the kind of specialization that webmasters with a high level of coding knowledge can do.

Properties of Jevelin

  • it has a wide range of professionally styled layouts and demos
  • it comes with the best functional and articulate templates
  • it has an advanced admin tool and page building settings
  • it has dynamic categories and back to top interfaces
  • it has a slider revolution and content carousels

Jevelin is the best theme for all kind of website users. It is the best fit for the personal, professional, or corporate use.

Jevelin Theme

7. TheGem

It is one of the most robust and reliable frameworks that has been designed by some of the best coders and designers. It enables the development of all the kinds of websites and makes them look modern and feature rich.  Though this theme can be used by anyone, but it suits the best for professional purposes.

Properties of TheGem

  • It has the best-dedicated layout designs that can be customized easily.
  • The visual composer and drag and drop page builder make its use easy.
  • It has a variety of demo sites for businesses, spa, gyms, online stores, etc.
  • It makes your content shine with its best template pages.
  • it is mobile friendly and compatible to almost all the web browsers

TheGem has all that is needed to attract audiences and customers. It makes your page look attractive and well managed that increases the trust of customers.

TheGem WordPress Theme

8. Argenta

It is a multipurpose WordPress theme having a wide number of functions and topics to select from. Unlike other themes, the pre-manufactured demos of this theme can adapt to the contexts very easily.  This theme mainly focuses on the comfort of the user.

Properties of Argenta

  • it has a masonry grid layout with a lot of chicest in pre-built headers
  • it comes with a Woo Commerce integration
  • it has a special showcase project p[age
  • it has RTL features and is WPML compatible
  • it helps the users by giving constant automatic updates

Argenta is build to take full care of the customers and guide them.

Argenta theme wordpress

9. Total

It can be used across multitudes of fields with utter ease.  It requires no coding and is filled with the best resourceful features.  This theme is designed to perform at the topmost level with ease and comfort.

Properties of Total

  • it has a plenty of built-in premium plugins and versatile widgets
  • it comes with a visual composer and drag and drop page builder that provides layout customization
  • It has a perfectly flexible framework with articulate designs.
  • It includes multiple page templates and live demo sites.

The total has some of the modern features that make it compatible with all the new websites. It’s easy to use at to level includes it in the top 10 list.

Total theme wordpress

10. Shopkeeper

Just as the name suggests, this theme is basically built for the ones having online stores and shops. It has the most trending templates for the online selling business. It has a plenty of customization options that will help you make your page more appealing and saughted.

Properties of Shopkeeper

  • it has a fluid layout that can adjust on all kinds of devices
  • its fullscreen slider is best to display the brand name
  • it comes with slider revolution that helps in making extremely beautiful slideshows
  • it comes with visual composer
  • The powerful shortcuts are helpful in adding advanced elements.

Shopkeeper is a great choice for the people wishing to sell their products online and reaching a wider range of audience. The solid media integration makes it all possible.

Shopkeeper theme wordpress

Why use WordPress?

Besides being the simplest web, a designing platform the WordPress has many more benefits. Earlier people had to go through typical coding to give a definite look to their page. However, with WordPress, everything has become a lot easier. There are times when people cannot think of a definite look and background administration of the website, the WordPress themes come with a great range of themes to choose from. This content management system helps in saving a lot of quality time. It is highly organized and will make your web page look perfectly assembled too. The themes and features of WordPress are reliable and best in class.