Email marketing is an important part of online marketing. There is the need of mailing lists which help in sending promotional emails to prospective customers. As a website promoter or blogger, you will need mailing lists to your site and this can be possible with the help of email subscription.

WordPress provides several plugins for different usages and in this regard has plugins for email opt-in and they help in getting more email subscribers. With large email lists to cater to, you can reach out to a larger number of customers. Subsequently, even the subscribers are confident of your business and have faith in buying the products or services.

Email Opt-in Form WordPress Plugins

Opt-in Plugins

The email opt-in plugins are a great way of getting emails from the visitors. You must have a good looking and easy-to-fill opt-in form enabling visitors to fill in the details. There should be a strong incentive for visitors to subscribe and slowly and steadily you will have a great email list.

With more visitors subscribing to your newsletters or promotional programs, you are definitely in for successful marketing. You can use these leads to market your products and send details about other promotional programs including affiliate services and products. Slowly, you can convert these subscribers to members. Here is a list of the best WordPress opt-in plugins:

1. OptinMonster

Considered as one of the best and the most advanced WordPress Email Optin Plugin, OptinMonster is a highly functional plugin. It has some complex features that help you design professional Popups for getting emails from your visitors. The plugin has a dedicated visual builder which helps in building stylish and professional popups.

There are nine built-in templates that can be used to customize the popup. You can customize the size, font, and color of the popup as required. There is also the provision of an instant preview of the popup enabling you to see the alterations as you make them.

You have the ability to control the popup as it will appear to the visitor. Right from controlling design of the popup to the timing of its display can be conveniently controlled. In fact, you can even ensure that the popup is displayed when the visitor is about to leave the website.

The plugin also comes loaded with analytics to check which popup is converting the best. You can improve the conversions by setting up A/B tests.


2. Leadpage

Another of the opt-in plugin for WordPress that helps in building an email list is the Leadpages. In fact, it is considered at the top position when it comes to building landing pages. You can easily generate leads and at the same time generate sales by way of emails, text messaging, social media and on the web. You can use the inbuilt templates provided by Leadpages to build mobile-friendly landing pages as suitable to the industry to which you belong. It has a simple interface with easy to use tools making it simple to market your products and generate sales.


3. SumoMe

If you like the popup plugins, you can use the SumoMe. It is an easy to use but an advanced plugin that helps in capturing emails. You can easily create popups that look like being created by professionals using SumoMe. These popups will attract the attention of the visitors and make them your permanent subscribers and customers.

With SumoMe, timing the popups to get the attention of the readers at the right time is easy. Moreover, it is easy to blend the popups with the website design by customizing the text color, button color, text font, background and other aspects. The best thing about SumoMe is that it is mobile responsive as well. So, whether you are using the popups on a desktop or a mobile, they will look great and function well on both devices.

sumome wordpress plugin

4. Thrive Leads

If time-saving is what you look for when creating mailing lists, then you should opt for the Thrive Leads email opt-in plugin. You can easily build a profitable list with this plugin and even get several benefits from it. You can create any type of opt-in form with Thrive Leads and grow your mailing list. The simple editor that offers drag-and-drop functionality helps you create perfect email opt-in form designs.

You can build profitable and hyper-targeted lists with Thrive Leads. You can increase your conversions by using the A/B testing feature of the plugin. It is easy to find out about the performance of the opt-in forms and know which forms are getting the most traffic.

The different types of opt-in forms available for maximizing the number of conversions include slide-in, sticky ribbon, opt-in widget, popup, in-line forms or scroll mats. You can also control the timing of the appearance of the opt-in form by using the time-based triggers.

Thrive Leads wordpress plugin

5. Ninja Popups

Another of the opt-in plugin for WordPress is the Ninja Popups. When you use the plugin, you can get a popup opt-in form that is again akin to being professionally designed. The plugin is easy to use and it easily helps the visitors in taking an action that could be taking a coupon offer, discount, subscribing to the newsletter or choosing any other call-to-action. It becomes easier to increase the social presence of your website or blog.

The features available with Ninja Popups include Social Locker, Opt-In Locker, email marketing integration, social network integration and many others. Loaded with some very useful and stunning features, Ninja Popups also provides round the clock support, free upgrades and easy installation. You can customize the opt-in form using different color options, layout options, pop-up designs and other features.

Ninja Popups wordpress plugin

6. Pippity

Another of the popular and easy to use plugins is the Pippity. It helps you create nice, pleasing and attractive popup designs. You can use any of the built-in theme designs and customize their look to get your popup. You can customize aspects of overlay settings, font, color, and others. You can control the timing of your newly created pop up which could be as a popup box and make it appear when you want it to. If you want to know about the performance of your popups, you can set the A/B testing provided by Pippity and analyze which designs are working well.

Pippity WordPress Plugin

7. WP Subscribe Pro

A good email subscriber list is what most marketers look for in order to build their online businesses. WP Subscriber Pro is just that plugin which will help you get a good mailing list that will boost your conversions. The best thing about this plugin is that it does not require being a coding pro as it can be installed, activated and used. You can time the appearance of the popup just when the visitors are exiting from your webpage. It supports several programs like MailChimp or alternative of MailChimp, Aweber and more.

Easy to install and use, fast, customizable and responsive to all devices and very powerful, WP Subscriber Pro can be used with any of the MyThemeShop themes. You can also control the timing and frequency of the popup triggers. You can use the plugin for as many sites as you want. You are assured round the clock support from the developers.

WP Subscribe Pro

8. Bloom

One of the more popular of the opt-in plugins for WordPress, Bloom is liked for its intuitiveness, ease of use and customizable user interface that help you make attractive opt-in forms. It supports more than hundred pre-built templates that can be customized as required with respect to aspects like border styles, colors, image orientation and others.

You can create at least six subscription types of forms that include widget area, opt-in lockers, popups, below content and inline with content. With the help of the opt-in locker type, you can get the email address in exchange of premium content offered to them.

The plugin also provides you the ability to choose the area where you want the opt-in form to be displayed and its timing. You can also use specific forms for different posts, categories, and pages with Bloom. You can put effective A/B testing features in your form. In addition, you have the ability to track the performance of the pages and know which of them are doing better than the others.


9. Popup Domination

If you are looking for getting more conversions and customers, you need to build good mailing lists. Popup Domination helps you in this endeavor. There are dozens of templates that can be used to create opt-in forms. The Exit Popup technology of the plugin helps in timing the display of the popups which could be when the visitors are just about to leave the website.

Some other features that Popup Domination has included the OnClick Popups which offers popups when text or objects are clicked; popup triggers based on page views, time and scrolling the page, A/B testing, full-fledged analytics. The popups created by the plugin are highly responsive and they adapt to the screen on which they are being viewed.

With the plugin, you can create professional looking pop-ups and they can be displayed when the user has his mouse hovering over text or image.

Popup Domination

Source-Popup Domination


All the mentioned plugins work with WordPress websites. You have the ability to build lasting relations with your customers by having them on your mailing list. The mentioned plugins help you build subscription forms that can be used to get the email addresses of visitors. More subscribers to your newsletter mean more conversions and more business. You can choose any of these plugins to make professional looking subscription forms.