The volatile digital world is transforming like never before. After the revolution of desktop and laptop browsing, now it is the time for small screen browsing. Ever since the smartphones are introduced, there is a constant demand for mobile-friendly or a responsive website. Not only smartphones, there is a continuous demand for the website that easily adjusts itself to the small screens of tablets, smartwatch, and gaming devices.

As the internet browsing is not limited to desktop, websites should be built in such a way that they adjust it to all types of screens. These websites are called responsive websites. Many may wonder now as to how to build a responsive website. It is super easy to transform the simple website into a responsive website if you have developed your website in WordPress.

There are several plugins available on the WordPress platform that helps to make a website mobile friendly or responsive website. But there is a thin line of difference between responsive and mobile friendly website. We will discuss plugins here. Many may be wondering the difference between a responsive and mobile-friendly website. So before discussing the plugins, let’s learn some basic difference between a responsive website and mobile friendly website.

WordPress Mobile Plugins

Important features of Responsive Website  

  • Mobile friendly websites contains dynamic content that adjust itself according to the screen size of the viewing device.
  • The images are optimized
  • Even the navigation are compressed as per the screen size
  • Includes improved padding and spacing
  • Responsive websites bank upon mobile operating system for operation
    Important features of Responsive Website

Important feature of Mobile Friendly Website

  • Mobile friendly website contains static content that remains same
  • The display image is smaller in size
  • The navigation is simplified
  • The website is not dependent on mobile operating system for function.

Now that you know that difference between mobile friendly website and responsive website let’s have a look at the benefits of using mobile friendly website.

Advantages of using the mobile-friendly website:

Better User Experience: With the mobile-friendly website in place, it is easy for the users to browse through the website from the mobile device. It navigates through the pages in the website when it is mobile friendly. The content is easily readable without much of stress.

Better Loading Speed: The mobile-friendly website is easy to load than the normal website. The loading speed is faster. This helps a lot in hooking your potential customer to your website which may otherwise leave it if it too slow. It is reported that the second delay in page response can result in 7% reduction in conversions.

SEO Friendly

It is found that mobile-friendly websites are ranked better in the search engine result. Hence, your website is better placed in terms contained in the search result. Therefore, a mobile-friendly website has a better chance of getting viewed by the potential customer. Hence, it is necessary to turn your website into mobile friendly as it has the capability to attract business. After all, you create a website to help your business grow and reach your potential customers.

You can now know that mobile-friendly website has more advantage than any disadvantage in the long run for your business. So, don’t waste more time and make your website mobile friendly as soon as you can. If you are already planning to make your website mobile friendly then you must consider using WordPress mobile-friendly theme. The WordPress platform offers various plugins to convert your website mobile friendly. Listed here are some of the famous and powerful WordPress Plugins to a website mobile friendly.

Best WordPress Mobile Plugins

1. WPtouch Mobile Plugin 

The WPtouch Mobile Plugin helps to build a mobile-friendly website. It is one of the widely used WordPress plugins for creating a mobile-friendly website. It is a lightweight plugin that offers a wide variety of customization and settings. With this plugin, you can make your website the way you want to. It also provides a variety of theme. The WPtouch plugin gives a mobile-friendly website by default. So that you get two versions of your website, one is desktop version and the other is a mobile version.

The plugin is available in free version and pro version. Initially, you can use the free version and then transfer to pro version if you want advanced features. For instance, the pro version allows you to advertise on the mobile version and can generate revenue through the clicks.

The WPtouch Mobile Plugin offers an intuitive user-interface that helps you to create a website regardless of your technical expertise. Along with the world-class features, the WPtouch Mobile Plugins also offer developer’s support via WordPress Forums.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

2. Any Mobile Theme Switcher

Any Mobile Theme Switcher

The Any Mobile Theme Switcher helps you to build a responsive website in no time. The intuitive theme senses the browser of the device and opens the website accordingly. There is also an option to select a theme and display the browsers on mobile and other devices. The Any Mobile Theme Switcher is available in free as well as pro version. Though the free version does not come with a variety of features, it is a good option to start with.

The pro version offers different homepages for different mobile devices. Moreover, the pro version also comprises an integrated QR code that goes well with the W3 Total Cache Plugin. This mobile plugin is easy to install and use. The plugin also offers support to the user through the WordPress forum.

Mobile Theme Switcher

3. Jetpack Mobile Theme

Jetpack Mobile Theme

The Jetpack mobile theme easily converts a WordPress site into a mobile version. This plugin is very user-friendly and lets you convert your website to your mobile version in no time. The Jetpack mobile theme plugin is the best plugin for a newbie who has little technical knowledge.

Once the theme is activated, it offers two customization options. You also have the option to display featured images on the mobile version of the website. After the mobile version is optimized, the users have the option to switch between mobile and desktop version.

Jetpack Mobile Theme

4. WordPress Mobile Pack

The WordPress Mobile Pack helps you to convert your websites into a responsive website that is compatible with several platforms. This plugin is perfect for content curators, bloggers, and publishers.  Therefore, it helps them to appify the content without a mobile app when you can still browse the content the mobile browser. It is very easy to transform the website into a responsive website without the difficult coding involved.

This plugin helps you to switch over themes. The display on the mobile will be different from the desktop or laptop screens. And it is more like an app. Instead of switching to other themes, the plugin converts all the content to a web app. The mobile app can be customized with color schemes, fonts, logo, and others.

The best part about this plugin is that it supports almost all renowned browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Native Android browsers. Apart from being responsive, the plugin also helps the website to adjust itself as per the orientation of the device. The WordPress Mobile Pack is available in six different theme options. You can also customize the theme in terms of color, typography and page elements as per your brand.

WordPress Mobile Pack

5. Responsive WordPress Theme

The Responsive WordPress theme plugin helps you to convert your website into a responsive website easily. The website looks just perfect on the screens of mobile device and tablets. As the website perfectly fit into the screen resolution of the given devices. Therefore, the plugin is appropriate for any device. And the good news is that the website is search engine friendly. Moreover, it is inexpensive, content-oriented, easy to manage and cross-platform.

Responsive WordPress Theme

6. Mobile Smart

Mobile Smart provides a mobile-specific theme for phone and also for tablets. It offers an optimal manual switcher. It has a unique feature known as transcoding which is now in the development stage. Mobile Smart resizes the images instantly for a quick delivery to mobile devices. The plugin is available in free and pro version. The pro version provides an option to display mobile-specific page content, menus and many more.

Mobile Smart

7. Mobile Navigation

Suppose you have converted your website into a responsive website through a plugin, but you don’t like the navigation then you can change it. With the help of the Mobile Navigation, you can create a full-screen navigation menu that displays small screens. You can now customize the breakpoints to display the colors, fonts and more.

Mobile Navigation

8. Mobile Previewer

Now that you have transformed your website into a responsive website, you might like to preview the theme how it looks. You can do it easily with the Mobile Previewer plugin. After you have installed Mobile Previewer, you will be able to see a small preview of the mobile sizes on the right hand of the browser. Now that you have a basic knowledge of the WordPress mobile plugins, you can easily build a mobile-friendly website.