How is Managed WordPress Hosting Better than VPS

Before moving on to understand why managed WordPress hosting is better than virtual private server hosting, it is good to get an idea of what hosting is exactly and what difference does it make to have any of the hosting types. What is Web Hosting? To be visible on the internet, the websites need a [...]

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Free WordPress Mobile Plugins to Make a Website Mobile Friendly

The volatile digital world is transforming like never before. After the revolution of desktop and laptop browsing, now it is the time for small screen browsing. Ever since the smartphones are introduced, there is a constant demand for mobile-friendly or a responsive website. Not only smartphones, there is a continuous demand for the website that [...]

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Best Email Opt-in Form WordPress Plugins

Email marketing is an important part of online marketing. There is the need of mailing lists which help in sending promotional emails to prospective customers. As a website promoter or blogger, you will need mailing lists to your site and this can be possible with the help of email subscription. WordPress provides several plugins for [...]

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20 Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Rank Higher

There is no doubt regarding the fact that search engine happens to be the major and most reliable source of traffic for most of the websites. Among all the content management system, WordPress is the most SEO friendly. Equipped with multiple plugins, this CMS helps webmasters optimize websites and achieve better ranks in the SERP [...]

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Compare The Best WordPress Backup Plugins

As there are various attacks on websites these days, now more than ever. In this case, there is a great need to take backups of, your websites at the real time. There are many WordPress plugins available that will help you in providing peace of mind so that you can have a full working on [...]

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Why Should You Use PHPStorm For WordPress Development?

Before moving on to discuss the reasons for the usage of PHPStorm for WordPress development, it is essential to understand what it means and how it can be used for WordPress development. PHPStorm is a cross-platform IDE that has been built on the IntelliJ Idea platform from JetBrains. PHPStorm is an editor for HTML, PHP, [...]

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WooCommerce Vs Magento : Which One is Best For Your Online Store

Introduction to E-commerce E-commerce is a future-proof need of many businesses and therefore requires a strategy to gain momentum and boost in the online market. Smaller companies who are into the website themes business and selling digital products such as e-books may choose to remain entirely online without taking additional pains for opening brick-and-mortar stores. [...]

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